Our Community.

Members Health is part of a broader community that supports putting people’s health before profits.

Members Health has played an integral role in supporting many of the groups below.

Members Own Health Funds:

Members Own Health Funds is a group of like-minded, not-for-profit and mutual health funds. They’ve come together to make Australians aware of the benefits of being with one of their funds. Members Own Health Funds believe passionately that health insurance is about protecting the health of members, not making profits for others.

The Australian Health Service Alliance Ltd (AHSA):

The Australian Health Service Alliance Ltd (AHSA) is a service company representing a number of small to medium-size private health insurance funds. The company was formed in 1994 to provide management services to these funds throughout Australia. By pooling their resources and creating AHSA, participating funds are able to respond more effectively to the numerous changes occurring in the private health industry.

The Australian Regional Health Group Ltd (ARHG):

The Australian Regional Health Group Ltd (ARHG) was formed in 1994 by a group of health insurance funds operating in predominantly regional areas. These funds saw benefits in coming together to discuss matters of common interest, and to share and develop initiatives which provide mutual benefits for their members.

Hospital and Medical Benefits System (HAMBS):

HAMBS supplies and supports the Hospital and Medical Benefits System application – a sophisticated and user-friendly software and information technology solution for the private health insurance industry in Australia. HAMBS has over 80 professional staff servicing more than 20 health funds.