Why our alliance of not-for-profit, member owned, regional and community based health funds are different.

Members Health funds give more back.

Members’ health before profit is our guiding philosophy. The size and scope of our alliance – with 25 not-for-profit, member owned, regional or community based insurers and more than 2 million lives covered – provides us a trusted and strong voice in helping shape government policy. Our strategic advocacy and reputation as a credible voice, allows us unrivalled access to key decision-makers and greater opportunities for our health funds and greater benefits for their policyholders.

On average around 90% of all premiums returned to policyholders

More benefits back to policyholders:

Our alliance of health funds are distinguished by their value-based business model as member-owned, not-for-profit, regional or community-based. As a group, this sees close to 90% of all premiums returned to policyholders in benefits. Our health funds deliberately operate lean, yet prudent margins in order to pay higher benefits back to members. Members Health’s advocacy and network of experts and resources helps keep our alliance of health funds in the vanguard of a constantly-changing industry.

Average customer satisfaction rates among policyholders of 97% or higher

Higher policy-holder satisfaction rates:

Our participating health funds consistently average customer satisfaction scores among their policy-holders of 97% or higher. The alliance of not-for-profit, member owned, regional and community based funds we represent consistently out-perform. As a group, our funds average lower premium rises and higher customer retention rates. Our alliance of health funds represent excellent value for money. Foremost is ensuring members’ health comes ahead of profit. This imperative underpins the ability of our funds to provide better returns, better premiums and better outcomes. It is why people stay and why our alliance of health funds are growing strongly.

Lower average premium increases

Smaller increases to health fund premiums:

Between 2010 and 2015, our alliance of health funds averaged an annual premium increase of 5.14% compared to the big for-profits who averaged increases of 5.51%. Our alliance of health funds share a very different culture to the big for-profits, they only exist to serve their policyholders, putting their members’ health before profit. With 25 funds and more than 2 million lives covered, Members Health Fund Alliance, is a trusted, credible and highly effective voice in the health insurance industry.

Great premiums and benefits

Customer retention and growth:

Unlike the big for-profits, the 25 health funds who have come together as the Members Health Fund Alliance only exist to serve policyholders, not shareholders or overseas investors. They offer various levels of health insurance at highly-competitive premiums. They offer optimised benefit entitlements and have a proven capacity to tangibly grow their membership numbers each year. The bottom line is simple: the alliance of health funds we represent care because they put their members ahead of profit.