hirmaa is now Members Health.

We are the same organisation with all the same benefits.

Members Health offers all the same benefits as in the past. More than 3 million health insurance policyholders enjoy competitive premiums, great benefits, value for money and across-the-board satisfaction. Members Health will build further on these with an ever-growing and ever-stronger membership. Our 26 health insurance funds across the not-for-profit, member owned, regional and community based spheres provide Members Health with unprecedented credibility and respect. As always, Members Health is focused on members’ health before profit.

Why we have rebranded:

The new name better reflects who we are. We’ve outgrown our former name and are looking to the future, advocating for insurance funds that put consumers first.

  • Health, wellbeing and meeting consumer expectations first and foremost, ahead of profits.
  • Advocacy with government and regulatory bodies to improve the affordability of health insurance, enhance its value and drive competition and choice for consumers.
  • Credibility, strength and influence through experience and professionalism.
  • Industry-leading competitiveness and performance that drives innovation and best practice.

Members Health is growing and it is changing. Its enhanced membership enables a greater say in directing positive change across the health insurance policies that affect consumers.

Our new logo reflects the positive imperatives Members Health is pursuing on behalf of its funds and their policyholders: a fairer health system, industry and policy transparency, improved access to health services, and at all times the interests of members’ health ahead of profit.

Members Health is about people first. Our new logo, our new symbol, is about guarding fund and policyholder interests. It is also a mark of the intrinsic influence, credibility, strength and regard that Members Health has earned as it has actively engaged in its advocacy role.

And that is our job.