Putting members’ health before profit

What makes our funds different?

Members Health funds give more back.

Members’ health before profit is our guiding philosophy. Our alliance of health insurance funds are run for people, not for profits and as a group we are growing far quicker than the rest of industry, now covering over 5 million lives.

More insurance premiums returned to policyholders

More insurance benefits back to policyholders:

Our alliance of health insurance funds are distinguished by being value-based and member driven. As a group, they return more insurance premiums back to policyholders in benefits. Our health insurance funds operate lean yet prudent margins to pay higher benefits back to members. Members Health’s advocacy and network of experts and resources helps keep our alliance of health insurance funds in the vanguard of a constantly-changing industry.

95% average customer satisfaction rate among policyholders

High policyholder satisfaction rates:

Participating Members Health funds consistently average customer satisfaction scores of 95% or higher. The alliance of Members Health funds consistently out-perform with competitive insurance premiums and high customer retention rates. Our alliance of health insurance funds can represent excellent value for money, ensuring members’ health comes ahead of profit. It is why people stay and why our alliance of health insurance funds are growing strongly.


Members Health Funds are trusted by their membership

Members Health Funds are trusted:

Run for people not for profits, when it comes to trust the alliance of Members Health funds are in a league of their own. Independent surveys show that participating Members Health insurers have enormous integrity being trusted well above some of Australia’s biggest household-name brands by their membership.

Trust Survey Graph

Great premiums and benefits

Competitive health insurance premiums:

Our alliance of health funds share a very different culture to the for-profits, they exist to serve their policyholders, putting their members’ health before profit. Covering more than 5 million lives, Members Health funds can represent excellent value for money. Because our funds do not have to pay dividends or drive profits for shareholders and investors, they can operate on slim – even negative net margins and give more back to policyholders

Members stay with Members Health funds longer more than other funds

Customer retention and growth:

Unlike the for-profits, Members Health funds exist to serve their members, not shareholders or overseas investors. They offer various levels of health insurance at highly-competitive premiums. They offer optimised benefit entitlements and, as a group, have a proven capacity to tangibly grow their membership numbers each year. The bottom line is simple: the alliance of health insurance funds that carry the Members Health stamp care because they put their members ahead of profit.


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