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An alliance of 26 trusted health insurance funds that put people before profits.

The health insurance funds who have come together to form the Members Health Fund Alliance are very close to their communities. They care about local families and support local charities, sporting clubs and the provision of key health services. They are driven to make their local communities an even better place to live and work.

By coming together as an alliance, Members Health insurance funds have formed a powerful voice for their communities, for their policyholders and for the health sector.

ACA Health Benefits Fund:

ACA Health Benefits Fund exists solely to benefit the health and well-being of Seventh-day Adventist Church employees and their families. It cares about its members, not about profits, and gives 100% of the surplus back to members. With an independently verified member satisfaction level of over 99%, its 11,000-plus members love it when they’re put first and last.

Australian Unity:

Australian Unity’s history dates back more than 175 years, which makes Australian Unity one of the nation’s oldest health funds. Unlike publically traded companies where profits are distributed to shareholder, Australian Unity is a mutual which means profits are put back into the company to benefit members, customers and the community. Australian Unity provides great health insurance that’s simple to understand and easy to use, and members are supported by an award winning customer service team.


CBHS Corporate Health:

Even though we’re new, our experience isn’t. Our knowledge comes from over 65 years in partnership with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia as their committed Health Care Provider. Now, as CBHS Corporate, we are extending our offering to all Australian businesses, focusing on improving Health & Wellbeing in the workplace and providing comprehensive health insurance for security and peace of mind. We’re your active partner in creating a sustainable culture of health, empowering leaders to become health champions. We value and recognise that health and happiness is more than just a physical state of being. Workplace happiness. The new ROI.

CBHS Health Fund:

Since 1951, CBHA Health Fund has been the best choice for current and former CBA Group employees and their immediate family. It strives to continue that proud tradition year after year. As a not-for-profit, member owned health insurer, it will always have its members as its top priority. No shareholders, no dividends, just members and CBHS.

CUA Health:

CUA Health has been helping Australians care for their health since 1976. It boasts 40 years’ experience creating health insurance that offers more to help care for the ones you love. These include value-for-money hospital and extras cover, with flexibility to meet your needs as your life changes.


Defence Health Fund:

More than 260,000 Australians, all with connections to Defence, are part of the Defence Health family. Like any good family, they support their members through good times and bad, and always take the time to listen. To Defence Health, family is the most important thing. That’s why they are not-for-profit and all for the benefit of their members. And it’s why they’ll defend their members’ right to the very best cover and protection. Defence Health have been providing great value health insurance with genuine care, support and expertise for more than 60 years. They are committed to providing great value health insurance that benefits their members. They genuinely care about members’ well-being and always provide excellent service.

Doctors’ Health Fund:

Doctors’ Health Fund is the only insurance fund created exclusively for the medical community and their families with nearly 17,000 members covering over 35,000 lives. Our unmatched Top Cover Hospital pays the highest level of medical benefits, paying up to the AMA list of medical services and fees. We only cover medically proven therapies and we don’t have restrictive preferred provider networks for extras cover. We are part of Avant Mutual, the largest medical indemnity insurer in Australia, and understand doctors and the unique position they hold in the community. We provide a personalised, high quality service and our member satisfaction ratings are consistently 96% or above.

Emergency Services Health:

Emergency Services Health is Australia’s only not-for-profit private health insurance fund which caters exclusively to Australia’s emergency services community. It is a new health insurance fund backed by Police Health. Its sole purpose is to enhance the health and wellbeing of the community it serves. Emergency Services Health will stand behind you when it’s needed most.


As Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurance fund, we’ve focused on putting our members’ health first since 1932. We represent 1.6 million members across the country and share a vision to make health care understandable, affordable, high quality and member-centric. For every dollar our members pay in insurance premiums, over the last 5 years we’ve paid out more in benefits than the industry average.

Healthcare Insurance:

HCI is a not-for-profit private health insurer entirely owned by the members, and exists solely for the benefit of members. HCI covers the very best in hospital care and other health care services including dental, optical, physiotherapy, chiropractic and more. HCI has been providing great value health insurance to the community since 1938.

Health Partners:

Health Partners has been looking after the private health care needs of South Australians since 1937 – and never been in better shape. It is the largest South Australian open health insurance fund, providing hospital and extras cover to more than 80,000 people. Despite industry changes, it proudly remains a not-for-profit and mutual health fund – a health fund that’s run to benefit members.


With over 65 years’ experience, the Health Insurance Fund of Australia (HIF) is an expert in private health insurance. It offers a range of great-value hospital and extras cover, with some of the best dental and optical benefits in the market. Plus, you’ll find affordable pet and travel covers to. A proudly not-for-profit health fund, HIF exists purely to care for its loyal member community. It was Australia’s first carbon neutral health fund, and the first insurer to support the 2015 Australian Marriage Equality Campaign.

Hunter Health Insurance:

Hunter Health Insurance commenced in 1952 with the goal to provide local coal miners with affordable insurance. Today the fund continues to provide comprehensive insurance benefits with competitive rates and an ongoing focus on affordability. At Hunter Health Insurance we don’t strive to be the biggest; just the best.

Latrobe Health Services:

Latrobe is a not-for-profit private health fund offering a comprehensive, quality range of insurance products such as health, motor, home, contents and travel. It provides health insurance to more than 80,000 people. Its vision is to guide and empower its members to take control of their health episodes now and in the future.

Mildura Health Fund:

Operating since 1929, Mildura Health Fund is a regional health insurance fund existing purely to serve its members. It is a not-for-profit, member owned fund. This means its 30,000 members enjoy more benefits and competitive premiums, where dividends are not paid to shareholders.

Navy Health:

Navy Health is a not-for-profit private health insurance company, providing health insurance for the wider Australian Defence Force community. Navy Health has been providing great value, premium health insurance to members of the Defence Force community since 1955. As a member-focused and not-for-profit we can offer you affordable prices, and great benefits – such as free cover for kids.

Nurses & Midwives Health:

As the only private health insurance fund exclusively for nurses, midwives and their families, Nurses & Midwives Health is dedicated to caring for the carers. Nurses & Midwives Health believes that nurses and midwives across Australia should have access to the best possible health cover at the best possible price. As a not-for-profit organisation, industry-based health fund, Nurses & Midwives Health places members’ interests first, through lower premiums, increased benefits and additional services. Caring for the carers.


Member-owned, not-for-profit and open access to all Australians, Peoplecare is all about service and personal support for members. IPSOS Healthcare and Insurance Australia Report reported Peoplecare received top scores for customer satisfaction and loyalty with a net promoter score of 84 – almost double the average health insurance fund score of 43. It also has the highest ranking of open health insurance funds on how it treats members as individuals, not numbers.

Phoenix Health Fund:

Phoenix Health Fund is a member owned health insurance fund, who for over 60 years has provided quality, affordable health insurance. Phoenix Health Fund is a mutual not-for-profit private health insurer. Its members are its number one focus. Structuring the business this way means Phoenix reinvests earnings back into member benefits. This means an all-round better deal, service and benefits for its members.

Police Health:

Police Health is Australia’s only private health insurance fund run exclusively for the police by the police. Founded in 1935 as a not-for-profit private health insurance fund, it provides top quality cover with straightforward health insurance products to over 50,000 members of the policing community. The fund is managed by experienced health insurance professionals under a board of directors from both police and health insurance backgrounds.

Queensland Country Health Fund:

Queensland Country Health Fund is part of a member owned group and first opened in Mount Isa in 1977. It has grown to be the largest regional-based health insurer in Queensland, servicing more than 25,000 members. This growth can be credited to its competitive insurance premiums, market-leading benefits and dedicated staff who always have the members’ best interests at heart.

RBHS Reserve Bank Health Society:

The RBHS is a not-for-profit private health insurance fund fully owned by its members. It has been providing outstanding private health insurance products and services since 1959. The RBHS is strongly customer-focussed and committed to meeting the needs of its members. Membership is open to current and former employees of the Reserve Bank of Australia and Note Printing Australia and their families.

rt Health:

rt Health is a mutual not-for-profit health insurance fund –owned by its members – that’s been in business more than 125 years. It has no reason to exist other than to provide its member policyholders with the best possible health insurance at the best possible price. With rt Health, it’s all about a better deal for members, not shareholders.


St.LukesHealth has been providing private health insurance to Australians since 1952. As a non-profit organisation their focus is on their members. Established in Tasmania, St.LukesHealth has a loyal membership base across all States and Territories of Australia and was voted number one for customer satisfaction by Roy Morgan Research in 2016. Regardless of where you live, doing business with St.LukesHealth is easy.

Teachers Health:

Teachers Health is the only private health insurance fund exclusively for the education community and their families. As the largest industry-based health insurance fund in Australia, Teachers Health is committed to providing great value health insurance to our members through lower costs and generous benefits. As a not-for-profit organisation, Teachers Health is committed to giving back to the education community through sponsorships, scholarships and programs to care for the health and well-being of those in the education community. We’re for teachers.


TUH Health Fund was founded in 1972 by the Queensland Teachers Union and has always been a not-for-profit, member focused health insurance fund. TUH is open to all union members and their families and many of its members, such as teachers, nurses, firefighters and government employees, spend their lives looking after others. TUH feels a special obligation to look after them in return, which is evident in its generous health insurance benefits and the care with which it treats its members.

Territory Health

Territory Health Fund is a specialist health insurer brand developed specifically for the Northern Territory and operated by Queensland Country Health Fund. It is a community and people focused health insurer dedicated to providing Northern Australians with a genuine, easy, value for money experience.


UniHealth is health insurance for the education community and their families. Brought to you by Teachers Health, Australia’s largest industry-based health fund, UniHealth is focused on the higher education community, their health needs and providing the best possible value health insurance.

Westfund Health Insurance:

Westfund health Insurance is a not-for-profit, member-owned fund providing value cover to more than 110,000 individuals across Australia. Founded in regional NSW, Westfund gives members access to one of the nation’s largest private hospital networks and Access Gap Cover to help minimise out-of-pocket medical costs. Westfund also maintains its Provider of Choice Network with more than 2,500 providers available to members. Teamed with four regional eye and dental care centres in Lithgow, Westfund members have options to access their Extras service, no matter where they live.