Putting members’ health before profit

Together, our funds give more back to members.

There’s proof that being with a Members Health fund is just better.

  • More back in benefits.
  • Higher member satisfaction.
  • Among the most trusted Australian organisations.
  • A larger market share but smaller average net profit margin.
  • More members choose to stay with us.

More insurance benefits
back to policy holders

Our funds are values based and members driven. Together, we give more insurance premiums back to policy holders in benefits.

High policyholder satisfaction rates

Members Health funds consistently average customer satisfaction scores of 90% or higher. The alliance of Members Health funds consistently out-perform with competitive insurance premiums and high customer retention rates.

Members health funds are trusted

When it comes to trust, the Members Health funds are in a league of their own. Independent surveys show that participating Members Health insurers are trusted well above some of Australia’s biggest household-name brands by their membership.

Competitive health insurance premiums

Members Health funds can represent excellent value for money, because they don’t pay dividends or drive profits for shareholders or investors. As a result, they can operate on slim or even negative margins to give more back to policy holders.

Customer retention
and growth

People come to and stay with our funds because we put them first.

Members get more out of being with a fund that puts people before profits.