The facts about the Australian health system.

Australia’s health system comprises a mix of public and private providers, which together deliver a range of services and achieve outstanding health outcomes for the country.

Private health insurance is a vital element of Australia’s health mix and an important contributor to the country’s health outcomes.

Health spending in Australia accounts for around 10 per cent of GPD, which is slightly above the OECD median, and delivers superior health outcomes, particularly in areas such as life expectancy.

More than 44 per cent of Australians have private health insurance for hospital cover. As much as 53 per cent have ancillary or extras cover for services such as dental, optical or physio. Around 40 per cent of all procedures occur in one of Australia’s many private hospitals where patients receive quick access to quality treatment.

Private health insurance guarantees timely access to a wide range of doctors and specialists, private hospitals and services. Private health insurance gives Australians greater choice and flexibility in managing their health.

The Australian Government encourages individuals, couples and families to take out private health insurance through a range of incentives. For further information on private health insurance, including incentives, see

The Facts.

Today, around 13.5 million Australians benefit from private health insurance cover – a product that provides peace of mind over access to the best available health care.

Privately insured patients take greater responsibility for meeting their own health needs and they benefit by having the freedom to choose their preferred surgeon, having quick access to treatments and the option of cover for dozens of extras such as ambulance, dental, optical, physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment.

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