Putting members’ health before profit

IPSOS survey awards 91 per cent customer satisfaction for Members Health insurance funds

Independent research by IPSOS shows Members Health funds are achieving extremely high levels of customer satisfaction.

“IPSOS collected more than 15,000 responses from customers of Members Health funds and found overall satisfaction averaged 91 per cent across those surveyed.

“A customer satisfaction score of 91% is impressive and sets a very high benchmark.” Daniel Pole, Director and Head of Ipsos Public Affairs said.

“A response rate of over 15,000 makes this a large study, providing an accurate, independent and objective measure of how people feel about the health funds they have chosen to join.”

Members Health, CEO Matthew Koce described the IPSOS survey results as a fantastic achievement that demonstrates the exceptional care Members Health funds provide to their more than 5.3 million customers.

“Members Health is a community of not-for-profit and member owned health insurers who put people at the heart of everything they do. It is pleasing to see this has been reflected in the IPSOS Customer Satisfaction findings.” Matthew Koce said.

“A 91 per cent satisfaction rate highlights the enormous commitment Members Health funds have towards serving the needs and expectations of their policyholders.”

“Members Health funds are entirely consumer centric and therefore have enormous integrity.”

“With affordability and value for money in private health insurance an ongoing point of discussion, the fact that there are a diverse range of insurers operating solely in the interests of consumers is of growing significance,” Mr Koce said.

“While the for-profit insurers need to generate financial returns for shareholders and overseas investors, Members Health funds do not. That means they can give more back to policyholders than would otherwise be the case and can reflect excellent value for money.”

Consumers need to be aware that not all health funds are the same. The independent research by IPSOS proves that Members Health funds are meeting an extremely high standard.

Only a Members Health fund can carry the heart tick logo, a sign of their shared commitment towards putting peoples’ health before profit. Members Health funds cover the lives of more than 5.3 million Australians and are growing.


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