Putting members’ health before profit

Our latest submissions to government.

Better outcomes for private health insurers.

Members Health advocates on behalf of the not-for-profit, member owned, regional and community based health insurance sector for better consumer health outcomes.

We support the current government’s efforts to ease the administrative burden on health funds and welcome discussion on ways to better improve private health insurance affordability and leverage the private health system to deliver better health outcomes.

Some important submissions prepared by Members Health Fund Alliance are contained below:

Submission to the Draft Recommendations for Australia’s Primary Health Care 10-Year Plan

Submission to Services Australia on improving processes

Submission on the Review of General Miscellaneous Category on the Prostheses List

Submission on Proposed Relaxation of Elective Surgery during COVID-19

Addressing excessive red tape on the Government Rebate for PHI

Submission to Senate Inquiry into Private Health Insurance Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 and related Bills