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Australia’s mixed public-private health care system tops OECD for outcomes

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The world-leading performance of Australia’s health care system has once again been acknowledged in the latest report by US-based research foundation, The Commonwealth Fund.

The Fund’s 2021 Mirror Mirror report, compares the performance of health care systems across 11 OECD nations, ranking Australia first for healthcare outcomes and equity. The United States, Canada and the United Kingdom ranked 11th (last), 10th and 9th respectively on healthcare outcomes. The United States, Canada and New Zealand ranked 11th (last), 10th and 9th respectively on equity.

Australia ranked among the top three overall, across all five key metrics, according to the Commonwealth Fund.

Health Care Performance Ratings
Australians enjoy a uniquely mixed public and private healthcare system, which ensures universal and equitable coverage.

Australia has consistently been ranked among the best performing OECD countries in the world. The healthcare professionals, hospital operators and health insurers who underpin the private health system are a critical element of that success – with the private health system driving innovation, providing consumers with greater control over their healthcare and ensuring fast access to high quality care.

While the ranking does not reflect the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, it noted the strengths and weaknesses of each country’s system when COVID-19 hit the world in early 2020 with Australia performing particularly well on the fast and effective adoption of telehealth.