Members Health Fund Alliance is the unified voice for Australia’s not-for-profit, member owned, regional and community based health sector. We work tirelessly, as we have since 1978, to provide greater opportunities for our alliance of health funds and greater benefits for their policyholders. We stand for putting members’ health before profit.

We help our health funds give better care to their members.

Members Health is the peak industry body for an alliance of not-for-profit, member owned, regional and community based health funds who all share a common ethic of putting their members’ health before profit. We are the voice of an alliance of 27 health funds, representing the interests of more than 3 million Australians.


Members Health’s strategic advocacy and reputation as a respected and credible voice, allows us unrivalled access to key decision-makers across government and their agencies. We are influential, responsive, committed and effective. We enjoy 100% fund member satisfaction.

Research and policy:

Members Health is at the leading edge of research and policy. A powerful network of industry resources and experts keeps us at the forefront of an ever-changing health sector. Our influence in driving policy is invaluable in delivering better outcomes for our alliance of health funds and their customers.

Facilitate best practice:

Unity, industry knowledge, policy expertise, transparency and respect. These underpin Members Health’s ability to ensure the best outcomes and best practice for our members. We stand for ‘Putting members’ health before profit’.

Forums and events:

Members Health hosts regular, exclusive events for its funds. These provide a valuable interchange of ideas, sharing of expertise, access to the thinking of senior government and regulatory decision-makers, innovations in service delivery and the building of relationships and collaboration.

Our alliance of health funds provide cover to over 3 million Australians.

What does this mean for you?

It means unity and it means strength. Our alliance of health funds enjoy unrivalled access to industry and government. This in turn allows us to provide greater health benefits to policyholders.

Not only are there great benefits but our 27 private health funds all share one or more of the following characteristics; being not-for-profit, member-owned, regional or community-based. Therefore they are all entirely consumer driven and consumer focused. Everybody wins.

Members Health funds give more back.

Our alliance of health funds, by their very nature – not-for-profit, member-owned, regional or community-based – are perfectly poised to provide more for policyholders. Benefits include competitive premiums, outstanding customer service and all-round high satisfaction. That’s why customer retention rates are so high and their membership is growing so strongly.

On average around 90% of all premiums returned to members

More benefits back to our fund members:

The Members Health alliance of funds are distinguished by their value-based business model as member-owned, not-for-profit, regional and community-based. On average, they return close to 90% of all premiums back to policyholders in benefits.

Average customer satisfaction consistently 96% or higher

High policy-holder satisfaction rates:

Our participating health funds consistently average customer satisfaction scores among their policy-holders of 96% or higher. Our alliance of health funds represent excellent value for money and achieve very high customer retention rates.

Excellent value for money

Competitive health insurance premiums

The Members Health Fund Alliance is committed to keeping premiums as affordable as possible, while delivering value for money. Our alliance of health funds share a very different culture to the big for-profits, they only exist to serve their policyholders, putting their members’ health before profit.

Great premiums and better benefits

Customer retention and growth:

Our alliance of health funds offer various levels of cover at highly-competitive premiums. They offer optimised benefit entitlements and a proven capacity to tangibly grow their membership numbers each year.

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