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ACA Health




ACA Health Benefits Fund is a not-for-profit Private Health Insurance Fund. Our principle purpose is to benefit the health and well-being of Seventh-Day Adventist Church employees, Local Church Officers, and their families.

Founded in 1934, we are a not-for-profit Fund working hard to continually provide our members with value-for-money health cover at great prices. Over the years we have supported the families of iconic Australian companies like Sanitarium, Sydney Adventist Hospital and Adventist Education.

ACA Health also offers Local Church Officers and their families access to our great private health cover. This includes both past and present local church officers. If you are or have been an Elder, Deacon, Deaconess, Sabbath School Leader, Bible Co-ordinator or any other local church officer, this is for you.

ACA Health offer a practical and simple range of Hospital and Extras products within the market. We invest in our making our policies better in fact, our Complete Ancillary product is second to none.

Our members receive the following:

  • Great Benefits: We pay up to 4 times your annual premium with an unbeatable range of extras including per treatment payments more than double other health funds.
  • Provider Choice: We won’t dictate to you which health provider you need to see and the type of private treatment you receive. It’s all about choices, value for money, service and peace of mind. We can, however, recommend you one of ACAs preferred providers.
  • Value For Money Cover: We keep our products simple and price competitive, offering affordable health plans.
  • Unbeatable Extras: We pay up to 80% in benefits on a majority of our Ancillary products including Dental, Optical, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic.
  • Members Health Fund Alliance: Along side 26 like-mined not-for-profit funds that exist to deliver the best possible service and benefits to you – the member.
  • Infinite Hospital: Most hospital policies will help close the gap indefinitely on all Medicare approved hospital items by lessening out-of-pocket costs.
  • Our Long History: For 87 years, we have been providing cover for members of the Seventh-day Adventist employee community and their families. Today we also welcome appointed Local Church Officers and their families.
  • Not-For-Profit: 100% of our operating surplus goes back to members.
  • Generous Payouts: If you join ACA Health, you’ll receive immediate access to the level of care and treatment you require, while being financially protected.
  • High Member Satisfaction: With 98% satisfaction on our insurance products and service, we remain at an industry high.
  • Dependant Extension Option: Allows unmarried children over the age 21 & under 25 who are no longer studying full-time to stay on the Family Membership. By taking out the Dependant Extension, the membership premium is increased by 30%. The Dependant Extension is only available on combined covers with Deluxe or Private Hospital cover.
  • Faster Claiming Options: Members can claim online via the ACA Health App, through the Member Online Service Portal or by email for faster turnaround on their claims.
  • Shop & Share Savings Program: Members can save money on their everyday shopping with access to over 70 discount eCards, special offers and coupons at their favourite retailers. Plus, when Members shop online, they help raise much needed funds for their local church or charity.


  • Standalone hospital covers
  • Standalone extras covers
  • Ambulance cover
  • Ability to combine hospital and extras covers


ACA Health is a restricted private health insurer for current and past employees of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church Companies, appointed Local Church Officers and their families in Australia.

Membership with ACA Health is open to:

  • Present Employees of incorporated Companies affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia including:
    • Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Company
    • Life Health Foods
    • Vitality Works
    • Sydney Adventist Hospital
    • Signs Publishing Company
    • Adventist Development & Relief Agency
    • Avondale College University
    • Adventist Schools
    • Adventist Retirement Villages
    • ACA Health Benefits Fund
    • Karalundi Aboriginal Education Centre
    • Mirriwinni Gardens Aboriginal Academy
    • A person who is, or was, a literature evangelist, while distributing for Home Health Education Service
    • Part-time and Contract workers
    • A person who, by the operation of the Private Health Insurance Act and Rule 6 of the Private Health Insurance Rule 2007 No 2, is taken to belong to the Restricted Access Group
  • Past
    • Employees of incorporated Companies affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia
    • ACA Health Members
  • Partner & Spouses:
    • Partners/ Spouses and Former Partners
  • Other Family Members:
    • Dependants, Adult Children, Siblings, Parents and Grandchildren of eligible persons mentioned above
  • Local Church Officers in appointed positions such as:
    • Elders, Deacons, Deaconesses, Clerks, Treasurers, Communication Secretaries, Bible School Coordinators, etc

Please contact us if you are uncertain about your eligibility for our insurance policies.

Members do no have to be an Adventist.


ACA Health operates in all Australian States and Territories.