Putting members’ health before profit

Defence Health




Defence Health has been operating since 1953 with the core purpose to protect the health of those who protect our country.

We’re here to support the families of those who are serving in the Australian Defence Force (ADF). And care for those who once served. We’re also here for their supporters; that’s people who work in the supply of goods and/or services to Defence as well as –the parents, brothers and sisters who are part of the Defence community too. You all belong with us.

Defence Health is not for profit so that all our resources can be dedicated to benefitting our members.lWe especially care about the Defence community. We get you. And we get what you need from your health cover. We look after our own.

With private health insurance you get the hospital and medical treatment you need, when you need it. As a Defence Health member, you’ll avoid the lengthy waiting periods in the public health system and be treated by a doctor of your choice in one of the hundreds of approved private hospitals around Australia.


  • Standalone hospital cover – from Basic Plus to Gold
  • Standalone extras cover – basic, mid, or top
  • Exclusive Gold and Basic Plus packages for ADF families and couples

If you join Defence Health we have special provisions for the partners and families of permanent ADF and Reservists including kids-only cover.


The wider Defence community is far-reaching. At its core are the current and former serving ADF personnel, both full-time and Reservists, their families and extended families. But there are others in the Defence community – ADF supporters – whose contribution to the security of the nation is less obvious. If you have Defence connections, we’re here to be your preferred and trusted health partner. You can join Defence Health if you belong to either of these groups:

ADF Families

  • The partner and dependent kids of ADF personnel (permanent and Reserve SERCAT 3-5) are eligible for our specially designed ADF packages. You may not need to cover yourself, but you can cover your loved ones with the fund that understands your needs.

Defence connections

Veterans, people who work for Defence and even those with a current or former serving family member can join.

  • Previous or current service in the ADF (permanent or Reserve)
  • If you work or worked in the Department of Defence or another Defence-related department
  • If you work or worked for a supplier, agency or contractor where you were involved in the supply of goods or services to Defence
  • Extended family of the above – meaning the parent, child, grandchild, sibling, or partner/ex-partner of a serving or former serving member or Defence connection.


Defence Health operates in all Australian States and Territories. We serve our members from our Melbourne-based Head Office.